We Are

We are here to work towards a more equitable Indonesia

The William & Lily Foundation is an Indonesia-based philanthropic organization, established in 2009 as an outgrow of the philanthropic legacy of William and Lily Soeryadjaya. As an active grant-making foundation, we work closely with our implementation partners on three focus areas: Education, Health and Economic Empowerment.

We believe that every person should have the ability and right to choose the life they lead, rather than to be only determined by circumstance. The three focus areas we have chosen represent what we believe to be the most crucial factors in creating conditions where this ability to choose can be made possible.


"Education is the key to unlock the Golden door for Freedom."

- George Washington Carver


We Do

Our mission is to empower marginalized communities by bridging learning with access to opportunities

We work with partners both local and international for every project we undertake. Although the scope of WLF”s philanthropic endeavors is countrywide, its current geoegraphical focus centers on eastern Indonesia. For every community we work in, we aim to develop a program in each of our focus areas of Education, Health and Economic Empowerment in order to foster holistic and systemic changes.

In Education, we have a focus on teacher capacity and vocational education. In Health, our focus is in nutrition. In Economic Empowerment, we mainly look at skills-based training and capacity building.

Small Changes to Leap Forward

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08 March 2021 | by Stella Arya

International Womens Day

Mimpi Meri: “Ingin bentuk kelompok perempuan untuk mengembangkan wisata Sumba agar selalu indah dan alami seperti ini”


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