The William & Lily Foundation (WLF) is a philanthropic organization to continue the philanthropic legacy of William and Lily Soeryadjaya in Indonesia. Since our transformation into a grant-making foundation for development programs in Indonesia in 2017, WLF has remained committed to supporting development in Eastern Indonesia. Working closely with local implementing partners, WLF continues to implement development programs in Southwest Sumba, East Sumba, and Amed, Bali.


Equal opportunity for all Indonesians to flourish.


To empower vulnerable and marginalized communities by bridging learning and access to opportunities in four intervention sectors.

About William and Lily Soeryadjaya

William Soeryadjaya was 12 when he lost both his parents within the same year. As the second eldest of six siblings, he – along with his older brother – had to quickly grow up and become the emotional and financial backbone for their young family. William learned how to be responsible for more than just himself from then on. This would be a strong theme throughout his life, and even marked the beginning of his relationship with his life partner, Lily. William and Lily met while they were both volunteers at the local Red Cross.

Giving back has always been an important part of both their lives and it was something they passed onto their children from early on. Until today, it remains to be a foundational value for the family.

Message From Our Founder

COVID-19 continues to confound and devastate the world. 2020 was an upending year of loss, uncertainty and vulnerability. We take this moment to express our grief and share our solace to those who have lost irrevocably during this pandemic. Nothing else has had such a profound and indiscriminate impact on human life and society in nearly a century. Our beloved country has been particularly hard hit. Developing countries such as ours have had to make an impossible choice during this pandemic, as a country we have been faced with choices that endanger either the economic or physical well-being of our people.