Request for Proposal Village-based Tourism Ecosystem in Southwest Sumba (Strengthening the Ecosystem and Capacity for Village Management of Tourism Assets)

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About William & Lily Foundation

The William & Lily Foundation (WLF) is a Jakarta-based philanthropic organization established in 2009. Our mission is to empower vulnerable and marginalized communities by bridging learning with access to opportunities. As an active grant-making foundation, we work closely with local implementation partners on four focus areas: education, health, economic empowerment and enabling environment.

Project Description

WLF is looking for innovative design and approaches for the additional support project that can be built upon previous achievements and lessons learned. WLF is keen to facilitate the development of a model or a pathway for villages that may want to improve their foundational knowledge and skills in identifying, developing, and managing tourism assets in a sustainable manner, strengthen linkages and collaborations with other tourism actors, and advocate for sustainable tourism in Southwest Sumba. WLF will look at the project impact with a longer-term view on scalability and sustainability.

Duration and Scope

This project is envisioned as a two (2) year project with the possibility of one year extension that is subject to satisfactory results of project performance evaluation and funding availability. The project will target the same group of stakeholders in the selected locations.

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Selection Criteria

WLF is looking for interested organizations with extensive knowledge on village development and/or governance. Interested organizations should possess the following qualifications:

  • A minimum of five years’ experience in designing, managing and implementing capacity building project for village-based tourism and/or village-based economic empowerment, knowledge and experience in Eastern Indonesia, particularly in Sumba is an advantage;
  • Proven experience on delivering capacity building and advocacy in good governance, sustainable tourism practices, and village development;
  • Extensive knowledge village development and tourism issues (good governance practices, business development, regulatory framework, sustainable tourism practices, multi-stakeholder collaborations);
  • Knowledge on the role of local governments and its planning and budgeting processes;
  • Proven experience on project management, coordination, and liaison capabilities;
  • Proven experience on developing strategies for advocacy and establishing multi-stakeholders; and
  • Strong track record in monitoring and evaluation for development projects, particularly in village development and sustainable tourism, with particular focus on ability to extract lessons learned and smart practices (in developing model/pathway for replication).

Award Information

  • Period of Performance: WLF expects the project to be commenced on or around the third quarter of 2021, with the duration of 24 months period and optional 12-month extension.
  • Type of Award: Contract-based, actual cost (reimbursable).
  • Funding: WLF adheres to the value-for-money principle. Interested organizations should carefully think about delivering the project implementation in an efficient and effective manner, in which the personnel and operational cost should not exceed 30% of the total funding requested.
  • Cost-sharing: Any proposed cost-sharing should be clearly noted in the narrative and budget proposal.

The release of this Request for Proposal does not guarantee WLF to award the contract. Implementation of the project will depend on the Foundation’s funding availability.

How to Apply

  • Expression of Interest (EoI) – Applicants are required to submit Expression of
    • Interest electronically which states:Why applicant is interested;
    • Brief information on relevant experience and key personnel’s qualifications;
    • Brief information on how the applicant will address the issues stated in the background and project description sections; and
    • Point of contact (email address and phone numbers).

Expression of Interest must be no longer than 2 pages, either in Indonesian or English, and must be submitted through before Wednesday, 24 March 2021, at 5 pm Jakarta time.

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