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Basic Literacy Development in Southwest Sumba

ProgramBasic Literacy Development in Southwest Sumba
Implementing partner:Yayasan Literasi Anak indonesia (YLAI)
Location:Southwest Sumba
Duration:2 years
Period: June 2021 – May 2023 

A. Objective

Strengthening the capacity of early grade teachers (grades 1-3 in Elementary School) which is expected to improve students’ reading skills and the effectiveness of teaching and learning activities in West Wewewa, Central Wewewa Tengah, and East Wewewa.

B. Indicator

The impact of this program can be measured through following outcomse and outputs:

1. Teachers are able to conduct “Membaca Berimbang (balanced reading)” program according to the standards.

  • Output 1.1 : Increasing teachers’ understanding of the concept of Membaca Berimbang.
  • Output 1.2 : Increasing teachers’ ability to teach early-grade reading through Membaca Berimbang program.
  • Output 1.3 : Increased teacher participation in Teacher Working Groups (KKG).
  • Output 1.4 : The availability of reading corner in the classroom and it is used effectively.

2. Increased school principal’s support for literacy development in the early grades.

  • Output 1.4 : increase principals’ awareness of Membaca Berimbang program.

C. Background

  • In 2018, Indonesia was ranked 71 out of 76 in the list of measurable countries in the PISA (Program for International Student Assessment) results.
  • NTT is one of four provinces, the others being Papua, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) and West Sulawesi, with the highest illiteracy rates in Indonesia, according to 2010 data from the Education and Culture Ministry.
  • Insufficient textbooks and learning tools were also mentioned in this study. Regarding literacy and numeracy issues, most schools in Sumba have not had libraries to promote a reading culture.
  • Most grade one students have no prior knowledge of numbers and the alphabet when they start school because they were not enrolled in any early childhood education (PAUD) programs.
  • Many teachers in Sumba are not qualified teachers and lack competencies. The low quality of the contract teachers recruited and the low qualifications of local candidates both contribute to the persistent low quality of teachers in Sumba. Training programs for teachers are not considered effective in improving the quality of teachers and education in Sumba.

D. Description

The program’s main approach is capacity building for early-grade teachers and school principals to ensure they have the skills to deliver the high-quality teaching in improving basic literacy. This capacity-building process is carried out by empowering regional facilitators (FASDA) as regional assets. Regional facilitators train school principals and teachers about the Membaca Berimbang program through the Teacher Working Group (KKG) which is held regularly. In addition, the regional facilitators (FASDA) also play a role and ensure the quality of teacher’s teaching in the classroom after being given training through monitoring activities in schools. F
This program also provides interesting books in Indonesian, culturally relevant to students’ lives, written and illustrated by Indonesian writers and illustrators. The program provides specific support for implementing a tiered reading program for early grades, where books are organized according to the complexity of students’ reading levels. Over time students develop their reading skills and continue to master the increasing levels of difficulty presented in the books.