Economic Empowerment

In empowering the economic condition of the communities in its working areas, WLF prioritizes to strengthening access to financial services and opportunities to increase the community’s income, including basic financial literacy in the program approach. For community economic empowerment, the program strengthen the capacity of the community or community in the assisted villages, build relationships and linkages between stakeholders by utilizing existing platforms such as the Southwest Sumba Tourism Development Communication Forum (FKP2S), Bumdes or cooperatives, and advocating for the government to strengthen the policy framework related to community economic empowerment.

MEKARYA – Improving The Lives of Salt Farmers in Amed, Bali

MEKARYA is a capacity building program to empower and strengthen MPIG Garam Amed’s business and capabilities, while preserving the salt farming community and tradition, as well as elevating the status and lowering the gender gap involvement in the business. read more

Desa Wisata Sumba (Dewi Sumba): Strengthening Villages in Developing Village-based Tourism in Southwest Sumba

Collaborated with Institute of Research and Empowerment (IRE) to implement a two-year program called Strengthening Villages in Developing Village-based Tourism in Southwest Sumba (Desa Wisata Sumba/Dewi Sumba) in two pilot villages; Pero Konda and Maliti Bondo Ate Village, particularly Kampung Adat Ratenggaro (KAR).  read more

COVID-19 Emergency Response Program in Southwest Sumba

The specific targets of this emergency response program were the school environment (students, teachers, and employees) and community groups including PKK, youth groups, religious organizations, local tailors and senior citizens. This program was carried out for six months from July to December 2020, with the main objective of community participation in joint action to prevent and deal with the impact of the pandemic. read more